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This site is designed to enable users of personal computers and other consumer electronic devices to easily and free find and access streaming media content over the Internet.

Required software for watch free online tv

 -  Windows Media Player

 -  Windows Media Player Plugin
Download Windows Media Player Plugin from Here. Before the installation, turn off your browser.

 -  Adobe Flash Player
Download Adobe Flash Player from Here. Before the installation, turn off your browser.

 -  VLC Player
Download VLC Player from Here. Before the installation, turn off your browser. During installation, select the FULL version to install all plugins for your browser.

 -  Stop Cast P2P Filter
Download Sop Cast P2P Filter from Here and after installation restart your browser.

* Please enable the Active X plug-in which pops up when you are playing this media content for the first time. In order for the Active X plug-in to pop up, the security setting of your Internet Explorer browser should be set to medium Also install all the necessary plug-ins when asked to do so. Please Allow sometime for the channels to load and let it buffer. Wait at least for 1 Minute before refreshing or choosing another channel if chosen channel doesn’t work.

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